In the Media

Our research in the news

Our research has received national and international media attention, including coverage by the NY Times, NBC Nightly News, CBS Nightly News, CNN, NPR, Time, Wall Street Journal, The Globe and Mail, The Telegraph, and more. Below are links to some of the coverage.

Medication Use During Pregnancy

CBS - "Study eases concerns about antidepressants, pregnancy and autism risk"

Time - "Does taking antidepressants during pregnancy cause autism?"

Medpage Today - "Is maternal antidepressant use linked with autism?"

Science Daily - "Antidepressant use during pregnancy not linked to epilepsy in children"

News at IU Bloomington - "Antidepressant use in pregnant women unlikely to cause seizures in their children"

Medpage Today - "'Conclusive answer' on antidepressants in pregnancy and kids' epilepsy risk"

For more information, see the Altmetric page

Risks and Benefits of ADHD Medication

CNN - "Medication slashes crash risk for drivers with ADHD, study finds"

CBS - "For people with ADHD, taking meds may help reduce car crashes"

Medpage Today - "ADHD meds tied to lower risk for car crashes"

Prescription Opioid Pain Medications

IU Grand Challenge - "IU researcher utilizing computer adaptive testing to better identify those with, and at risk for, substance use disorder"

Medpage Today - "How much are docs responsible for patients' opioid abuse?"

Pacific Standard - "We're giving the most vulnerable people the most potent opioid painkiller prescriptions"

Paternal Age at Childbearing

NBC Nightly News Archive - "Older dads at risk of passing along mental disorders, study says"

NY Times - "Mental illness risk higher for children of older fathers, study finds"

CBS News - "Aging dads more likely to have kids with autism, ADHD, schizophrenia and more"

Time - "More bad news for older dads: higher risk of kids with mental illness"

NPR - "More hints that dad's age at conception helps shape a child's brain"

The Globe and Mail - "Older fathers linked to childrens’ mental health risks "

Preterm Birth

PsychCentral News - "Preterm birth not tied to severe mental illness, suicide"

Medical Daily - "No clear link between preterm babies and autism, schizophrenia, and other mental illness"

Substance Use During Pregnancy

Medical Daily - "Smoking during pregnancy: Risk of schizophrenia, mental health condition not raised in kids of smoking mothers"

Time - "Smoking while pregnancy may not lead to mental illness in kids: Study"

The Telegraph - "Mums who drink 'have naughtly children'"

Science Daily - "Maternal alcohol drinking during pregnancy associated with risk for childhood conduct problems"

Wall Street Journal - "Genes, not experience explain why the lives of some take bad turn"

Parental Divorce

IU News Room - "Divorce and children: Genes at the root of some problems"

MSNBC - "Depression in kids of divorce blamed on genes"

Suicidal Behavior

IU Research Impact - "First-of-its-kind IU study finds 50 percent greater risk of suicide attempts, self-harm in sexual minority adolescents"